Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Studio in the Woods 2009

It was such an inspiring event last year (see participation for pictures of last year's badger seat) ... we are going back! erect architecture will be taking part in the SitW2009, the 4th annual Studio in the Woods for architects and students from 9. -12. July.
During a long weekend site specific installations will be designed and explored through construction. SitW will take place in the beautiful countryside around Kemerton in Gloucestershire. Other tutors include MitchellTaylor Workshop, Mole Architects, Gianni Botsford and Kate Darby. Visiting critics will be Ted Cullinan, Peter Clegg and Charley Brentnall.
The studio is organized by MitchellTaylorWorkshop. For more info and registration form see www.mitchelltaylorworkshop.co.uk/studio.asp

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