Friday, 17 July 2009

Overwhelming public support for Kilburn Grange Park adventure playground

Following a month long period of workshops with children and the public in general, erect architecture prepared a concept design for the adventure playground. The outline proposals were consulted with the public during the Kilburn Festival last Sunday. Throughout the day we spoke to more than 60 adults. Everybody was in support of the scheme. A few voices emerged in support of the sustainable aspects of the scheme: Habitat creation and the use of sustainable materials. The public also took a keen interest in the different boundary treatments, which range from planting and a haha to a climbing frame usable from inside the playground as well as the park. It was important that we avoid imposing fences.
Throughout the afternoon Parkour Generations run very popular free-running workshops in the park with participants ranging from 5 to 40 years of age.
The Building Exploratory run creative workshops making sunprints and shadow sculptures.
Even local MP Glenda Jackson popped in - attracted by the geodesic dome structures outside our marquee, which were built by the children during the structural workshop two weeks ago. She was very supportive of our efforts to encourage children to take more controlled risks during play (and the free-running workshops run by Parkour Generations) as well as the explorative aspect of the workshops and the models and structures produced by the children during the natural and structural workshops.
If you have not seen the scheme but would like to get involved and voice your opinion please get in touch (email or t.020 7033 2779) and we will post you the current plans.

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