Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ideal Learning Spaces exhibition opens at Chingford Foundation School

Our exhibition in Chingford Foundation School opened yesterday with a talk to the teacher assembly, which outlined the ideas their students have for a new improved school environment.

The project was an investigation into the nature of great spaces for learning to constitute a brief for the planned renewal of the school.

On a trip to London yr7 and 6th form students were inspired by spaces, which may lend themselves for learning. We then explored the ideas we collected to formulate ideal learning spaces and applied those proposals to improve the existing spaces within the school. The students were introduced to methods of spatial planning, aspects of architecture and learned ways of analyzing architectural situations as well as making spatial proposals. They used different techniques of working and communicating ideas such as sketches, collages and physical models – all tools of the architect or spatial designer.

The ideas and a manifesto for a new school were presented to the school in form of an exhibition as well as spatial interventions illustrating the proposals.

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